Tea and Topics, Batheaston School’s Parent Forum

Tea and Topics is Batheaston School’s Teacher & Parent Forum, designed to address the subjects most important to parents, through direct feedback from an annual survey. We come together, once a term, to discuss ideas and work collaboartively on solutions for the good of the school and children.

Ideas are heard in an informal and supportive setting, with a focus on collective action and transparency of discussion.

The meetings are designed to harness the views, ideas and expertise of the parent community, working with teachers, to create the best opportunities and experiences for our children’s education and wellbeing.

All discussions are aligned with school values of Respect, Include & Enjoy, with clear goals and transparent processes for prioritisation and action, to ensure a positive, productive meeting for all.

We are aligned closely with FOBs (Friends of Batheaston School, the parent-run fundraising committee) to ensure that views and ideas from parents are considered when money is raised through parent-led fundraising.

The rotation of topics for 2024/25 will be as follows:

1. Outdoor learning / play
2. Behaviour management
3. School facilities / playground
4. Communication to parents
5. Internet safety / technology
6. Focus on arts

We have a clear approach to give Tea and Topics focus and clarity. These are:


  1. Create positive, focussed dialogue between school & parent community
  2. Build the best possible learning environment, support our children’s wellbeing & independence
  3. Develop smart solutions to common school challenges 
  4. Enable change & provide clarity over what parents can (and cannot) influence


  1. Host a termly discussion on rotating topics, chosen by parents, with a clear structure & rotating “Topic Champion” chair
  2. Involve children, through the School Council, to give the child’s perspective on key topics
  3. Harness carer ideas, experience & look at best practice across other schools
  4. Develop prioritisation grid to rank issues based on their urgency and complexity, inform plans for change & establish feedback channel to parents 

What the forum WON’T DO

  • Discuss children or individual class matters that should be directed at teachers
  • Be a forum for airing grievances/complaints on day to day school issues
  • Tackle any issues covered under school health & safety
  • Influence matters that are Statutory, e.g focus on Christianity
  • Be a decision making body, without further consensus from school

Date of next meeting: July 10th, School Facilities and Playground

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Outdoor Play Notes_final

Tea & Topics Outdoor Learning & Play, Priority Grid_final


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