Our Staff

Our staff team is made up of a wonderful mix of people, all ages and talents and all of them great fun and committed to giving the children the best they can.  We are a happy, vibrant setting with caring, highly skilled staff who have expertise in early years learning and family support.  Our team are totally committed to our shared aims, values and ethos, determined to provide the best start for every child.  Please click on the photos to access quotes from the children about each teacher.

Sally Jefferies


Sian Grindle

Assistant Head

Year 3 Teacher

Nikki Macbeth

Assistant Head

Reception Teacher

Jon Stevenson


Reception / Year 5 PPA cover

Kate Meynall

Year 3 Teacher – currently on maternity

Georgie Brown

Year 1 Teacher

Alison Smith

Year 2 Teacher

Jenny Enstone

Year 3 Teacher

Chloe Jenkins

Year 4 Teacher

Sarah Morrison

Year 5 Teacher

Joe Goulding

Year 6 Teacher

Hannah Lewis

SEN Assistant / SMSA

Natalie Tayler

SEN / Year 1 PPA cover


Hannah Day


Sarah Finch

SEN Assistant / Thrive

Jackie Taylor

SEN Assistant / Thrive



Suzzy Chandler

SEN Assistant

Lucy Booth

SEN / SMSA / Cleaner

Ruth Pengilly

SEN Assistant

Amy Trump

SEN Assistant

Liz Redfern

SEND Assistant

Laurie Barker

School Office Manager

Gail Gage

School Administrator Assistant

Kelly Smith

School Office Administrator

Bert Poole

Caretaker / SMSA

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