At Batheaston Church School our Maths curriculum provides our pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills required to use and apply maths within a range of contexts. We want every child to see themselves as a mathematician, with high levels of engagement and the confidence to tackle maths concepts, without fear of getting it wrong. Teachers emphasise the importance of understanding how or why, through a deepened understanding of numbers and reasoning. The journey to mathematical problems can be more exciting than getting to the end goal of a an answer.

Teachers plan using White Rose Maths, which is a research based scheme, incorporating the National Curriculum requirements, broken into blocks over the year. This approach provides teachers and pupils the time and resources to broaden a child’s understanding of number. Key themes are revisited and taught within a range of contexts so as to ensure pupils have a sound knowledge that will underpin key concepts such as calculation, measure, statistics, fractions, geometry and time.

Happy Number Day 2022!

On Friday 4th February we took part in a ‘Dress as a Digit Day‘, raising funds for the NSPCC. The whole school had great fun throughout the day, enjoying a variety of number led activities, including ‘find your calculation partner’ at playtime. Children also brought in cakes to sell to add to our total raised. It was great to see all the children so enthused by numbers!!

Useful Documents

Calculation Policy – Addition and Subtraction

Calculation Policy – Multiplication and Division

Calculation Policy – Fractions

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Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (

White Rose Maths

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