End of Year Message from Sally...

As we finally come to the end of what can only be described as an extraordinary year, I can not tell you how proud I am to be part of the Batheaston community. You have adapted family life to incorporate home schooling with very little notice, you have supported your child through this difficult time of being separated from their friends and adapting to a new ‘normal’ way of life and you have supported us with our plans to reopen the school to all year groups in the last two weeks of term. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride with lots of twists and turns along the way, but we did it and we did it well. We have no idea what the future might hold, whether there will be a second spike, whether our location will become part of a localized lockdown, but I do know that what ever happens, we will face it together and once again get through it. The children have shown resilience and perseverance throughout all of this and we have seen this in abundance through their online learning and communication with teachers. I believe that as a community, we have grown closer and stronger and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful messages of support and kind words we have received during this unprecedented time. 

I also want to thank you for the most beautiful video that was presented to me this week. It means the world to me and has made all the hard  work and emotional struggles all worth while. Thank you and have a beautiful Summer.
Best wishes

If you would like to visit, please do contact the school office on 01225 858555 or email office@batheaston.bwmat.org