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Here at Batheaston Church School, we pride ourselves on being a warm, friendly and happy place where children thrive on the belief that their dreams and aspirations can be achieved. Through our 5C’s of Communication, Collaboration, Compassion, Critical thinking and Creativity, we strive to provide our children with the best opportunities and experiences to enhance their educational journey.


It was a busy first week back but lovely to see all the children looking well rested and excited to start a new term.

A BIG thank to FoBs for organising the KS1 Disco last week, the children were very excited and it was lovely to see so many children and parents come back to school with their disco gear on! This Friday it is KS2 Disco, so I am sure the older children will have an equally good time.

On Friday we open up Mike’s Meadow again for lunch time, we will need some parent volunteers to be on hand so as to ensure it is safe and well staffed.

Diary Dates

Tuesday 23rd April – Hazel and Maple Class Cricket Taster at 1.15pm

Thursday 24th April – Maple and Oak Class boys football match against The Moorlands at 3.45pm

Friday 25th April – Sharing Assembly at 10am

Mikes Meadow Lunch – Volunteers needed

KS2 Disco – 6pm – 7.30pm

I like how the teachers support us if we are finding it hard.


We get great educational learning. This school is supportive, fun, sporty and sets us up for adulthood


The teachers are always by your side here and it is amazing to be able to play with your friends everyday in our fun playgrounds.


I like our school because we all look after it and work together as a team. I like the teachers because they are kind and caring.


I love all the fun ways we learn. I really love maths and writing!


“Batheaston school is simply wonderful. Nikki has made the transition for our little reception children (in these very strange times of 2020) as gentle, nurturing and fun as it could be. Everyday the children are greeted with smiles and warmth from one of the lovely team. Nikki has gone above and beyond with the induction process from letters to the children, to stories online, zoom meetings for parents and frequent twitter updates of the children and the fabulous classroom and an end of term video. Helping us to all feel part of what is going on in the classroom despite current circumstances stopping us from physically going in. Having a reception teacher who clearly adores children and education is a fabulous foundation for life!! The school community is warm, friendly and inclusive. We couldn’t wish for a better school.” Harriet (Parent)

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