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Summer Terms 1 and 2 – ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’

The children will learn about the last great Ice Age and how it caused incredible changes which evolved our world into what it is today. In Mike’s Meadow, they will explore cave drawings and experiment with different materials to design their own. They will learn about the importance of cave paintings and what archaeologists believe their use in society was. They will also learn about the great turning points of the Stone Age, including the discovery of fire and the fact that humans had started to form communities. The children will have the chance to study Stone Henge and even create some of their own mini Stone Henges! Finally, they will learn how the introduction of the Bronze and then Iron Age helped to advance mankind in both terms of technology and growth. We are excited to read a range of texts based on this fascinating era in our whole class reading lessons, and welcome a special Stone Age visitor to our school to bring our topic to an exciting end! 

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