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Our mission statement:

Together, we work to provide children with teaching and learning which is exciting, challenging, nurturing and memorable.  Batheaston is a place where children learn to love learning.

Our values and aims:

  • Encourage excellence – We enjoy the uniqueness of every child and endeavour to demonstrate to each of them our high expectations.  We provide learning opportunities with good levels of challenge and support, informed by a highly professional understanding of children’s initial attainment and background factors. Whilst taking into account their individual needs and strengths, we promote the best possible progress of all our pupils.
  • Include everyone – We promote an ethos in which every child matters and where relationships are based on respect, honesty and trust.   Every strength is recognised and celebrated.  Difficulties are shared and discussed, never hidden.  At play and in their work, children learn to include and value everyone.
  • Live our ethos – We endeavour to create a friendly and democratic atmosphere, where all children are given responsibility for each other’s care and happiness, and are encouraged to participate in the running and development of the school.
  • Engage in a creative curriculum – To ensure the highest levels of achievement by our children, we provide high quality teaching, via a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum, which encourages and challenges them to be active, creative, independent and self–critical learners, unafraid of making mistakes.  We want our children to be constantly engaged and stimulated by the richest learning opportunities available.
  • Communicate effectively – We create a real partnership with parents and carers.  Their contribution to the learning process, to the happy learning atmosphere, and to the development of the school, is a very real commitment made by all members of our staff.  We aim to keep our whole school community informed of school developments, consulted in changes and involved in our evaluation.
  • Build community – We encourage respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other cultures, religions and way of life.  In our work with St John’s Church and by providing experiences of wonder, awe and mystery we actively provide spiritual and moral development in line with our Church School foundation. We are committed to listening to the children’s voices and promote British Values*, as reflected in our School Charter.   Children, staff, parents and governors work together to actively promote and develop our shared vision.  In many different ways, we create links with our local, national and global community.
  •  Protect the future – Children are given every opportunity to understand more about the world they live in.  We teach them about the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations and place real importance on the need to value and care for the environment.  We prepare children for the next stage of their learning and aim for them to leave Batheaston as happy, fulfilled individuals keen to make a positive contribution to society.


* ‘British Values’ as defined by the DfE: “democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”.   In our school, these are expressed through Pupil Voice, our School Charter, and our committment to Inclusion.

For further important information, please see the documents attached below.  Thank you.

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