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At Batheaston Church School, we strongly believe in the importance of reading in young children and encourage a love of reading from the minute they step through our doors. Research shows that children who enjoy reading not only do better in language and literacy subjects, but in all other subjects as well.

Reading is also essential to develop language skills and will ensure your child is exposed to vocabulary on different topics which they may not hear otherwise in their day to day lives. We know that reading encourages a thirst for knowledge and leads to children asking questions and developing an interest in different cultures and languages. We also know that a love of reading helps to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.

Here at Batheaston, we want to encourage and nurture a love of reading for all our children and we do this in a variety of ways.

We place a high importance on reading in the early stages and much of our daily timetable focuses on phonic skills and word recognition whilst sharing picture books linked to the learning in class.
Children are able to choose from high quality books, suitable for their ability while still encouraging an enjoyment of reading.
Every Year group, from Apple class to Oak class develop a love of reading through their guided Reading sessions where Books which often linked to the learning in class are read, digested and discussed.
Our library hosts a range of quality books to immerse the children in the magic of exciting stories and fascinating information books.
Time is set aside each week for the children and staff to choose or bring in their own books to read for pleasure.
Communal areas around the school are designed to encourage and foster a love of reading. From our outside Pavilion where books can be accessed throughout play and lunch to our wooded reading corner where children can spend time enjoying a book in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Themed weeks during the year encourage children to share and explore their thoughts around different books and why they are special to them.
Every class has a list of the 50 most recommended reads where parents and children are encouraged to read as many as they can from the list during the year.
Rewards are given throughout the year to celebrates children’s love of reading.
Each class has designed an attractive book corner where high quality books are displayed and changed regularly to show the children the range of stories and information books they can have access to.
EYFS and KS1 Reading and Phonics overview

Book Week 2021

We kick started the week with a LIVE virtual whole school assembly. Children and staff logged in from home and at school and this marked the start of us connecting as one through our love of books! Everyone looked incredible in their costumes and we were blown away with how our school community came together to create a truly wonderful week of fun.

Sally shared a unique recording of a funny book ‘Another book about Bears‘ which featured many of the teachers voices and some great sound effects! Throughout the week this book became the focus for many wonderful pieces of work, across all year groups. With most of the children at home remote learning, this did not dampen their enthusiasm for books, stories and reading!!

Book week baking was hugely popular amongst our families and gave the children to opportunity to make creative links with books and baking! We also encouraged the children to share their story spaces at home. It was lovely to see the range of libraries and homemade dens!

All in all it has been another successful book week at Batheaston Church School, where Lockdown, remote learning and COVID did not hinder the excitement and levels of engagement both at home and in school. Thank you children, parents and staff for making it so special!


Book week 2021 newsletter

Book Trust – Useful booklet for parents to support reading at home

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