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Summer Term 2 – Magnificent Minibeasts!

Is that bug an insect?
Can it be?
Count the body parts.
Are there three?
Count the legs.
Are there six that you see?
On its head
Are there two antennae?
If you answer yes, then we can agree.
That bug is an insect. Absolutely!

Our Vision Statement for EYFS at Batheaston Church School

At Batheaston Church School we endeavour to promote a love of learning; where interests and talents are nurtured and challenged, empathy is fostered and friendships formed. A child entering Apple Class will embark on a creative, engaging learning adventure. Our environment is rich in first-hand experiences with time given to dream, aspire and achieve. Independence is encouraged and risk-taking is celebrated within safe and secure surroundings.

As a team we are passionate about the education of young children. Activities planned provide a wide range of opportunities to enable children to play, work, collaborate, apply skills learnt, test ideas and narrate their inner imaginings. We aim to build children’s academic, social and emotional well-being so that they can thrive both within our walls and the world beyond.

Useful Documents

EYFS Prospectus 2021-22

Early Years Policy 2021-22

Long Term Plan in EYFS 2021-22

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