Music at Batheaston

At Batheaston Church School we encourage all children to engage and participate in a range of whole school performances and special events – such as: Christmas plays, Spring concerts and Talent shows.  We also enjoy taking part in community and local events – for example, Bath Primary Arts, singing at the Christmas Market and the annual Bath Parade. 

We acknowledge and support the musical talents that children may possess beyond the classroom and do all we can to promote and celebrate such talents in front of a live audience.  Due to COVID restrictions it has been a challenge to plan, organise and promote live performances in school. However, in true Batheaston style we found ways to ensure our children had a platform to share their talents! We held virtual talent shows, Christmas performances and a Spring Concert all beamed straight into the comfort of our homes.

Home Learning and Music

Apple Class – Music on Mars

Cherry Class – No Place Like Home

Elm Class – Music and Mambo

Hazel Class – Music with Who

Hazel Class – Dr Who

Collective Worship

Music is a key part of collective worship at Batheaston Church School. Children enjoy learning about the life of Jesus Christ through story and song. We also use song as a part of reflection, to help us sit and think about our day, or a certain theme or event. Please click on the links below for our favourite songs:

BaNES Music Service

Children have the opportunity to further develop their musical skills or take up a new challenge, by booking music classes.   Through the B&NES Music Service we can provide lessons on site, with a trained peripatetic teacher, where children can learn a variety of different musical instruments, including Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Saxophone and Ukulele. 

For further information and to book lessons, please contact The Music Service directly.  The attached letter provides details on fees and the booking process, and the link below will take you to the B&NES Music site where you can read more about the service they provide.

BNES Music Service Terms Conditions.pdf


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