Music at Batheaston

At Batheaston Church School we give every child the opportunity to engage and participate in a range of whole school performances and special events. Using Charanga music model allows us to embed the music national curriculum and showcase our learning throughout the year. We acknowledge and support the musical talents that children may possess beyond the classroom and do all we can to promote and celebrate such talents in front of a live audience. Child have the chance to perform at annual Spring Concerts, Christmas Shows and Year 6 leavers shows. We endeavour to put on a wide range of shows from the traditional Nativity to modern favourites such as Peter Pan and Aladdin ! We also enjoy taking part in community and local events – for example, Batheaston Community lunch and Raise the Roof festival.

New Music Lessons at Batheaston!

Calling all Batheaston Primary School parents! 

Boost your child’s rhythm and math skills with Jamie Williams Drum Lessons!

 Why Choose Jamie Williams Drum Lessons ?

  1.  Expert Drum Instructor: Jamie Williams, a skilled and passionate drummer, provides personalized one-on-one instruction.

2.  Tailored Curriculum: Lessons cater to your child’s age, skill level, and musical interests.

3.  Comprehensive Approach: Your child will learn rhythm, coordination, timing, and improvisation across various music genres.

4. Drumming and Math Connection: Studies show that drumming enhances mathematical abilities, giving your child an extra advantage in the classroom.

5. Enroll Now and Unleash the Rhythm! 🥁.png

Limited spaces available! Let your child embark on a musical journey with Jamie Williams Drum Lessons.

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 Tap into the beat, excel in math, and embrace the joy of drumming! 

” The concert blew my mind !”

Ollie aged 6

Working alongside BANES music to allow the children the best opportunities meet musicians and explore music outside of the classroom. Year 3 and 4 take part in the Raise the Roof Workshop which explores singing in different genres which is performed with local school. Year 5 this year were invited to the Music Festival at Hayesfield and had a go at playing the boomwhacker. The festival allowed them to also watch local secondary school showcase their talents and experience a live orchestra.

Maple Class Music Festival – 21st March 2023

” It was amazing to see all the different instruments in the orchestra, it was magical !”

by Millie aged 10

Collective Worship

Music is a key part of collective worship at Batheaston Church School. Children enjoy learning about the life of Jesus Christ through story and song. We also use song as a part of reflection, to help us sit and think about our day, or a certain theme or event. Please click on the links below for our favourite songs:

BANES Music Service

At Batheaston children have the opportunity to further develop their musical skills or take up a new challenge, by booking music classes.   Through the B&NES Music Service we can provide lessons on site, with a trained peripatetic teacher, where children can learn a variety of different musical instruments, including Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Saxophone and Ukulele. 

For further information and to book lessons, please contact The Music Service directly. 

The attached letter provides details on fees and the booking process, and the link below will take you to the B&NES Music site where you can read more about the service they provide. 

Book BANES Music Lessons Here !

BNES Music Service Terms Conditions.pdf

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