Our School

Batheaston is a Church of England Primary School. Our particular school philosophy also centres around 7 aims:

1. To enjoy the uniqueness of every child and endeavour to demonstrate to each of them our high expectations. Also, to develop in them the exciting experience of high self-esteem.

2. To focus on providing appropriate learning opportunities. These would be informed by a highly professional understanding of children’s initial attainment and background factors. Whilst taking into account their individual needs and strengths, we therefore promote the progress of all our pupils beyond what would be expected.

3. That all our children will really enjoy coming to Primary School, and will develop a love for learning which will continue throughout their lives. Also, that this love of learning and self confidence will enable them to pursue excellent higher education courses, employment and personal opportunities in later years.

4. To endeavour to create a friendly and democratic atmosphere, where all children are given responsibility for each other’s care and happiness, and are encouraged to participate in the running and development of the school.

5. To create a real partnership with parents. Their contribution to the learning process, to the happy learning atmosphere, and to the development of the school, is a very real commitment made by all members of our staff.

6. To instil respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other cultures, religions and way of life. By providing a rich learning environment and experiences of wonder, awe and mystery we actively provide spiritual and moral development.

7. To understand more about the world they live in and interdependence of individuals, groups and nations and the need to value and care for the environment.

As a whole school community we endeavor to ensure we:

  • Encourage excellence
  • Maintain a high standard of learning environment
  • Include everyone
  • Live our ethos
  • Engage in a creative curriculum
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build community
  • Protect the future