Jack and Jill Pre-School

Welcome to Jack and Jill Pre-School

 About Jack & Jill’s - Vision Statement

We are a small and friendly pre-school who have big ideas to encourage each child to develop and grow through play in their own individual way.

We are a registered Charity run by a Committee of volunteer parents. Qualified teachers are paid from pre-school fees / Nursery Education Grants, providing what we consider to be a high standard of Pre-school Education. The Playgroup is affiliated to the Pre-school Learning Alliance through whom we are insured. We place an emphasis on developing close relationships with parents and value their involvement. We have close links with Batheaston Primary School. In the summer term, those children starting school in September enjoy popping down to school to participate in playtimes and enjoy being visited by their future teacher.  This provides a gentle introduction to school life.                                                                                                                                             

Our Aims

We aim to provide a calm, caring and inclusive learning environment, which is essentially child-centred. We value each child, giving them the time and space to express themselves, so boosting their self-esteem and promoting an enthusiasm for learning.

Carefully planned, hands-on activities are provided to give each of our children the opportunity to succeed and assist them in working towards the Early Years Foundation Stage (Every Child Matters) Curriculum. These are as follows: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Our lovely, sunny garden is well equipped for climbing, sliding, spinning and balancing. It is also a haven for mini-beasts and birds alike. The playground is ideal for parachute games, tricycle riding and ring games. We can also explore in the fantastic outdoor learning environment in Mike’s Meadow where the children enjoy some Forest School activities.

We encourage respect and concern for each other by using circle time, positive role-modelling and reinforcement. For example, we are always on the look out to praise children who are concentrating well, co-operating or listening to each other. Learning through play, both teacher planned and child-initiated remains an important part of our ethos. We strive to facilitate stimulating and enjoyable activities in an environment where happiness and security are of the utmost importance.

 A Typical Morning

This could include activities such as drawing, painting, play dough, jigsaws, construction, cutting and sticking, quiet book time, water play, sand play, cooking (icing biscuits, making orange juice, sandwiches), musical/rhythmic activities (such as singing, dancing, playing instruments) and ‘show and tell’.  We also have a wonderful role-playing area (home corner, cafe, animal hospital).

We introduce science experiments, along with literacy and numeracy based games to make learning fun and opportunities for developing and practising writing skills are always available.

Mid morning we take a break for some fruit, a biscuit and a drink. This is a time for talking, listening and reflecting upon what we have enjoyed during the session.


Safeguarding Children – Child Protection

We ensure that children grown up in an environment of safe and effective care that enables them to have a positive outlook and experience of life. We have a duty of care to be responsible for the wellbeing of each child in our playgroup.

Policies are available for parents to read on request.

Timings and Contact Details

Pre-school starts at 9.15am and finishes 12.15. At present we charge £11 per session. We have a flexible induction programme which enables us to cater for the needs of children as individuals.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child/children when they begin. Meanwhile if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Hilary:01225 744441 or Sarah: 01225 858285

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