Thrive at Batheaston

Here at Batheaston Church School we have a long history of supporting the emotional needs of the pupils within our care. This has involved supporting them both within and outside of the classroom, as we recognise that it is only when children feel emotionally settled and secure that they are able to properly access learning.

Since 2015, Batheaston has been a Thrive school, supporting children’s emotional developmental needs via the Thrive programme of support. Currently this involves the school supporting the emotional needs of around 10% of our pupils on an individual basis, using Thrive activities and support. The school has a dedicated Thrive Room and two members of staff who work directly with children on a timetabled basis, as well as providing on-going programmes of emotional support via the classrooms. All the staff within the school have accessed Thrive training from the school’s SENCo, who is a trained Thrive practitioner.

It has been really pleasing to see the great emotional progress made by the children involved in these support programmes, which have enabled them to better access the curriculum alongside their peers and therefore make greater strides in their learning. We are continually striving to make sure that all the children within our school are thriving and continue to do so.

To learn more about The Thrive Approach please access link below.

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