Parent Voice Group (PVG)

The PVG is a discussion group where staff and parents bounce ideas off one another. Talk centres around social and academic issues specific to our school. Most meetings include issues/questions brought by parent Representatives. It is also an opportunity for us to seek parental response to any new developments. We might also, for example, express our appreciation of parental help and involvement, and parents might tell us what things they like and think are going well.

There are one or two Representatives for each class. A PVG Representative’s role is to bring to the meeting any issues that have been raised by other parents of the class for whom s/he is the Rep., and then feed back what has been discussed at the meeting. Lots of issues are also taken back to school staff meetings by the Head Teacher, who liaise with the group on behalf of the staff. Meetings are held once a term.

Current Parent Voice Group Reps:

Apple Class: Ruby and Bill

Cherry Class: Natalie and Emi

Willow Class: Gabrielle

Elm Class: Ali and Chrissy

Hazel Class: Liz and Kirsten

Maple Class: Mo

Oak Class: Quita and Sue

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22nd June 2022 @ 1.45pm – 3.00pm

PVG Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1 – February 2022

Meeting 2 – June 2022

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