Batheaston Curriculum


Our Curriculum Intent statement 2019-2020

At Batheaston Church School, our curriculum is designed to recognise and build upon children’s prior learning. It provides engaging, interactive and creative opportunities allowing children to develop resilience and confidence and become creative, critical thinkers.

Our curriculum is rooted in the distinctive culture of our school which is inclusive and welcomes each child as a unique individual. We place a strong emphasis on our school Christian values to ensure children are provided with opportunities that embraces their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and sets high expectations for children’s behaviour and attitudes towards their learning. Surrounded by the beautiful historical city of Bath, our curriculum sits in a context where learning and experiences are linked to events within the local community and beyond.

We recognise the vital role in which our vibrant curriculum secures our children’s core skills, knowledge and understanding and we constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and make connections to the World beyond. Our ambitious curriculum builds on children’s curiosity and provides flexibility in response to our children’s voice. The use of our outdoor space and environment is used creatively to maximise learning and encourage Community involvement. We endeavour to adapt our curriculum so that every child, regardless of additional learning needs and disabilities is able to become the best version of themselves and fulfil their dreams.

Excellent teaching and learning throughout the school gives children opportunities to communicate, collaborate, feel safe, take risks and experiment whilst contributing to their own learning journey. We enable our children to achieve well against National Benchmarks at the end of each key stage and be able to articulate their dreams and aspirations for their future. All the staff team work hard to prepare our children for life in the modern world.

Knowledge Organisers 

At Bathesaton Church School we want all our children to gain specific knowledge, in each curriculum subject, that builds up over time. Knowledge organisers play a crucial role, as they focus on one subject or topic and grow in complexity across year groups. Our knowledge organisers contain the key facts and information that children need to have the basic knowledge and understanding of a topic or subject.  The links below showcase our current knowledge organisers:

Academic year 2020-21

EYFS Apple Class 'Only One Me' Autumn term 1

Year 1 'We Remember...' Autumn term

Year 2 'We Remember...' Autumn term 

Year 3 'Ancient Civilisations' Autumn term

Year 4 'Ancient Civilisations' Autumn term

Year 5 'Romans in Britain' Autumn term 

Year 6 'Romans in Britain' Autumn term 


Academic year 2019-20

EYFS Apple Class 'Zoom to the Moon' Autumn term 2

EYFS Apple Class 'Dangerous Dinosaurs' Spring term 1

EYFS Apple Class 'Farmyard Hullabaloo' Spring term 2

EYFS Apple Class 'Traditional Tales' Summer term 1

EYFS Apple Class 'Commotion in the Ocean' Summer term 2

Year 1 'Poles Apart' Spring term 

Year 1 'Hidden Woods' Summer term

Year 2 'Poles Apart' Spring term 

Year 2 'Hidden Woods' Summer term

Year 3 'Design it, make it, test it' Spring term 

Year 3 'Stone Age to Iron Age' Summer term

Year 4 'Design it, make it, test it' Spring term 

Year 4 'Stone Age to Iron Age' Summer term

Year 5 and 6 'A Journey to Johannesburg' Spring term 

Year 5 'Crime and Punishment' Summer term

Year 6 'Crime and Punishment' Summer term


Progression of knowledge and skills for each curriculum area

Maths KS1

Maths KS2

Reading KS1

Reading KS2

Phonics, readiing and writing progression in EYFS

Writing KS1

Writing KS2


Design and Technology






Geography KS1

Geography KS2